Veritence Publishing, Inc. was founded in fall 2016 by John L. Casey. He has established himself as a proven hard science author with climate science books, "Cold Sun" (Trafford Publishing, 2011) and its revised edition as,"Dark Winter," (Humanix Books, 2014), and his latest co-authored work, "Upheaval!" (Trafford Publishing 2016) which was released December 14, 2016. 

As the Founder of VPI, John  has dedicated himself to the many scientists, researchers and sci-fi authors who want to have their first manuscript published or want a refreshing, more worthwhile experience with their subsequent works.

Along with his affiliated network of publishers, John is eager to provide advice to the aspiring writer on avoiding some of the pitfalls that abound in the precarious book publishing industry.

If you are looking for a best selling author like John Casey to put you on the right course toward your first, or next work, VPI may be a satisfying home port from which your cruise may begin.