The following works in the genres of non-fiction science and nature, already in print, are recommended by VPI for their unique style, content, or importance for our day. Each of these works are from authors who typically challenge us to think outside the box and encourage us to challenge conventional thinking.

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"Dark Winter" by John L. Casey, was endorsed by scientists around the world and in July and August 2015 became the #1 best seller for a climate book at It was the only book during 2015 that at the same time was the best selling book in other categories of Weather, Earth Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Public Policy categories at In "Dark Winter," Mr. Casey explains his "Relational Cycle Theory" of climate change and uses it to demonstrate that the Sun has ended two centuries of warming the Earth and that we are now heading into decades of record cold climate. 



A scientist takes on the distortions and outright lies foisted on the public! Robert G. Williscroft firmly establishes that the sky is not falling. By using scientific research and solid reasoning, he explains some of the most disturbing problems facing our nation including global warming, the safety of nuclear power, the politics of education, and the oxymoron of government efficiency. With a clear message, he discerns what is true from what is merely Chicken Little gibberish.


This important new science book, "Upheaval!" is now available through Veritence Publishing, Inc., Trafford Publishing and and other retail outlets, in both paperback and eBook formats. This profound science work by some of the world's leading climate science and seismology experts, shows why the United States has just entered one of its most dangerous periods ever. The book lays out the case for catastrophic earthquakes striking the USA with long term adverse consequences for the entire country starting as early as 2017! Hundreds of billions of dollars are likely in property damage and tens of thousands of Americans may die during the next twenty years of geophysical 'upheaval.'

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